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Alesha Walker

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Alesha Walker was born in Hobbs, New Mexico. She moved to the great State of Texas around 2008. She met her husband, a Plainview farmer, and married in 2012 in Ruidoso, New Mexico. They currently live in Plainview with their son.


Alesha worked as a gin bookkeeper, and then a Child Protective Services caseworker before she returned to school for a law degree. She graduated in 2020 from the Texas Tech School of Law and is licensed to practice in both New Mexico and Texas. Due to her varied background, Alesha has had great success in working farm litigation, drift claims, and navigating families through CPS.

Child Protective Services

Alesha has been on the inside of Child Protective Services and is acutely aware of both things done right and wrong by the government program. She has successfully navigated numerous families through the process and helped ensure child safety all while making sure her client’s rights were respected.

Personal Injury

Alesha has a passion for personal injury. She has successfully helped families receive their just compensation for wrongful death, car accident injuries, and trip and fall injuries at major box stores.

Alesha Walker

Family, Child Protection Services, Personal Injury
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